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The Anatomy Of This Perfect Facebook Profile For “Ex Healing”

Sep 11,2023

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A few days ago I Managed To Get an idea…

The Theory: Won't it be cool if someone had developed some kind of visual or article dissecting precisely what "the right" fb profile looks like in relation to obtaining an ex back through social media ?

Very, I decided to look and watch if any person had done something like this prior to.

And even though I did find some articles on "the right" fb profile picture i did not get a hold of anything straight concerning exes.

That's once I considered to myself personally,

"What a chance!"

I could be the very first person to ever before come up with something like this immediately relating to exes.

Nowadays here we have been!

Definitely, before I have started I would like to generate one thing specific.

This blog post is only supposed to act as a guide to help you get your partner sweetheart right back utilizing fb .

Chances are high high you won't be capable of getting him straight back just using this guide. You will be probably browsing have to use it in conjunction with additional instructions or books highlighted on this site.

Whatever You Understand To Be Real About Myspace And Exes

Obviously You will find done quite a bit of research on precisely how to utilize fb receive an ex back and as a consequence of that analysis I have discovered some amazing things.

However the one statistic you always will notice me organizing available to you would be the fact that almost 9 exes regarding 10 have accepted to myspace stalking their ex girlfriends.


And though this discomforts us to admit Im afraid that I have been accountable for this me.

So, how much does which means that?

Really, it means the it’s likely that on your side your ex sweetheart will probably be looking at your Facebook profile every so often . Now, whenever I describe this to the majority women that come to Ex Boyfriend healing they instantly panic and begin fearing this particular fact.

But that is the wrong method to check out the specific situation.

Rather than freaking on that which you really should do is check this out like an opportunity.

You know chances come into your own favor that your particular ex may come snooping around your own Twitter profile so that the simplest way should prepare for that.

Now, I am able to currently hear individuals within the back ground doubting my personal terms claiming,

What exactly are Your Odds Of Getting The Old Boyfriend Back?

Take the quiz

"But Chris… what if my ex doesn't have a look at my profile. Imagine if the guy unfriends myself?"

Ah, i will be grateful you introduced that upwards.

Let's handle the fear that he don't take a look at your own profile initial.

But What If The Guy Doesn't View My Twitter Profile?

Right here on old boyfriend healing we recommend something labeled as " The No Contact Rule ."

Now, if you've missed the memo then permit me to inform you.

The no get in touch with guideline is based on a simple theory in therapy labeled as "reactance."

Reactance essentially mentions that humans have specific freedoms so when they feel those freedoms are being endangered they will respond in ways to the majority of probably try to re-obtain that independence.

The no contact rule is a great exemplory instance of this.


Because together with the no get in touch with guideline you happen to be depriving your ex associated with the liberty of talking-to you and he is prone to respond in ways to try to get that independence right back.

Therefore, let's carry out an instant hypothetical circumstance.

Suppose the a couple of us dated prior to now and also you were using the no contact guideline on me.

Being aware what we understand about emotional reactance we realize that i will be probably going to respond in ways to get you to consult with me personally. But before we react I am likely to check out your own fb profile out of the concern that one thing poor occurred for your requirements and that is why you're overlooking me personally.

Thus, the considering goes in this way,

This concern that some thing took place for you causes me to check on your Facebook profile incase we see that you're alive and well and you are disregarding me personally this may be tends to make me that much very likely to make an effort to illicit a reply away from you.

But What If He Unfriended Me On Facebook?

I believe I have informed this story multiple times in articles, podcasts plus movies.

And right here i will be planning to tell it again.

Because your partner boyfriend unfriended you on Twitter doesn't necessarily mean he wont nevertheless you will need to see what you may be to.

Curiosity May Be The Lust Associated With The Mind – Thomas Hobbes

Often fascination as to what your ex lover mate is up to may be so excellent that you will positively search for a mutual pal who are able to allow you to see just what's going on.

Don't believe it can occur.

Just what are Your Odds Of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Straight Back?

Take the quiz

Well, that's what among my partner's close friends performed to the woman ex. You will find, she got very interesting in regards to what their old boyfriend was doing (and because she unfriended him on Twitter) she chose to ask my wife to log on to his fb page (since she was still pals with him) so she could spy.

The spirits associated with the tale usually simply because him/her sweetheart unfriended you on Twitter don't think that he still wont snoop about.

Instead, prepare like he'll snoop about.

But that begs a fascinating question.

What is the simplest way to get ready?

What exactly are Your Chances of Having Your Ex Boyfriend Straight Back?

Use the test

The Strategy Behind A Great Twitter Profile

I spent a beneficial week getting ready this an element of the post because it's arguably the most crucial.


I wanted to write something was life switching for your needs in the method that you approach yours fb profile and after most preparation In my opinion I came up with a perfect method to format this.

You are familiar with what an acronym is, correct?

Really, Google describes an acronym as,

Well, after a lot idea I decided your easiest way to deconstruct the most wonderful Twitter profile was to use an acronym.

You notice, after investigating and ultizing my own personal personal tastes which have a tendency to align using typical male I have develop a phrase to explain the "perfect Facebook profile" with regards to acquiring an ex back.

What's the phrase?


B- Breathtaking

A- Active

S- Sexy

E- Evolutionary

Now, clearly i recently provided you the the answer to recognizing a perfect fb profile making sure that's everything you need to hear about, right?

Eh… nearly.

I will currently notice the shouts stating,



Settle down they've been coming.

What Are Your Chances of Getting The Ex Back?

Make quiz

B – Beautiful

Do you really keep in mind your own high school days?

Hmm… actually now that I think about it I think that some of you might still maintain senior high school.

If yes, then you will probably truly relate to the thing I in the morning planning to state.

If not, then you're in identical vessel Im in,

A vacation down memory space lane!

Well, i recall my twelfth grade times very well. You find, I graduated from my personal senior high school in 2008.


I am a vintage man.

Anyways, in those days Twitter had been starting to actually grab vapor and that I recall while I first signed up for it we proceeded a mad rush including most of the folks i possibly could within my senior high school.

But there was clearly one individual whom I didn't include.

Let's merely call their "The Unicorn."

Every twelfth grade features one.

She's a woman definitely thus beautiful all of the men in the class are afraid to talk to this lady.

Now, the reason why did not I deliver the lady a pal demand?

I happened to be scared of being declined.

Appear, back then I was right here,

And she was actually right here,

I happened to ben't willing to move outside my "ecosystem."

I just keep in mind appreciating the unicorn from afar.


"Wow, her profile photo can be so gorgeous."

Ah.. immediately after which there were the daydreams.

The male is amusing that way. We'll admire a lady from a distance when we think she actually is from the category and now have all kinds of daydreams about her.

I truly did about my wife.

Little-known Fact: Are you aware that we came across my spouse on fb?

From the it so clearly because she had this amazing profile photo.

It absolutely was the sort of profile picture that received me in.

That provided me with these intensive daydreams about the girl.

Exactly What It is always keep this lady within my hands…

To kiss her…

To cuddle during sex with…

To Put On fingers with…

You obtain the picture.

What i'm saying is, seem how stunning this girl is actually,

(Normally photographs extracted from our wedding found on all of our photographers website: here )

Here is my point.

An image deserves 1000 terms.

This is especially true with regards to your Facebook profile photo.

Needed a beautiful Twitter profile picture.

A photo thus remarkable you could come to be that "unicorn" I happened to be dealing with.

The one which provides me daydreams by just taking a look at you.

I want you to really have the most useful fb profile photo conceivable and this refers to likely to require that you take action that you're likely to be scared accomplish.

Hire an expert!

Now, legitimately I am not allowed to demonstrate any examples through the people about this website.

But I am able to demonstrate just how much of an improvement a professional photographer make by making use of my self as a "crash examination dummy."

Very, if you decide to ask me whether a female should employ a professional photographer on her fb profile picture a few years ago i might have likely provided you a bewildered appearance and screamed,


But that has been an unaware feedback from someone that had never had an expert photographer take his image in the existence.

It wasn't until I really had a professional descend and get my personal image that We understood just how much of a difference they generate.

Hmm… this will be much easier to only demonstrate.

Ok, listed here is an image of me personally (used by me personally) wanting to work all cool for your females,

Pretty terrible, correct?

But during the time we got this image of myself personally I remember considering how great it appeared.

But that thought was rapidly quit more or less the 2nd I noticed my personal marriage photographs used by a costly marriage professional photographer,

Do you actually notice difference between both photographs?

It isn't really inside alike group.

But this begs an interesting concern.

Precisely what does your profile picture have to look like in terms of your ex date?

Exactly What Your "Visibility Picture" Has To Seem Like

Title regarding the game will be make your self look as stunning as possible when you look at the most basic method as is possible.

Obviously, you also have to take into consideration the picture you use must be "high high quality."

This basically means, you simply can't be using low quality pictures obtained from your phone.

Do not get myself wrong, some devices take exemplary photographs and there is definitely a period and set for phone photos BUT it's your profile image the audience is talking about and you also wish your profile picture to tell an account.

An account in the breathtaking ungettable woman!

Thus, what are a few examples of just what that looks like?


Now, could you be seeing a standard theme behind these pictures?

What about that these images were all used by a professional professional photographer?

What about that these women all seem ungettable?

They look like they could have any man they really want.

And it's just like they've been having sex on the digital camera.

They truly are fall lifeless attractive. Very attractive in reality they appear like models.

Hell, I am pretty sure when someone with a profile image in this way pal asked for me personally on Facebook I would change all of them down because their own profile picture seems fake. It appears adore it's backup and pasted away from a magazine.

It is exactly what you're going for with a profile photo.

You would like something helps make men captivated plus purchase to achieve that Im nervous you can expect to need certainly to grab all the stops.

Another thing you will notice most of the pictures above share is because they tend to be used external. Place appears to make a difference.

I have come across many cool pictures outside during the forests.

In a bed of blooms…

When You Look At The area…

I suppose the purpose i will be attempting to make we have found your profile image should not be studied in your space.

Get mine for example,

This photo ended up being used outside on a beach.

And I am sure whether it had been drawn in a little room within my household it cann't have a look half as cool.

Recap Of How To Proceed:

  • You need a top quality picture that makes you look beautiful/ungettable
  • Your own photograph has to inform a story.
  • The story = I'm able to have any guy I want
  • Hire a photographer
  • You shouldn't be worried to step outside your safe place
  • Place things (photos exterior can be amazing)

Just What An Attractive Facebook Visibility Picture May Accomplish

Thus, now you know very well what your beautiful Twitter profile image must seem like lets switch our very own awareness of what it's designed to accomplish.

Might see certain remarkable circumstances begin to occur as soon as you post your new Twitter profile.

  • Your ex partner date may turn contacting you a lot more
  • Some other men begins providing far more attention
  • Him or her date may turn to have envious

Why don't we get these one at a time.

Your Ex Partner Boyfriend May Start Calling You A Lot More

While I was in college I found myself strolling using my pal after class and then we happened to be dropped by a really beautiful lady.

She did actually understand my pal together with two of all of them chatted for possibly one minute and then went their particular different ways.

Without a doubt, wanting the information I asked him a very simple concern,

"Thus, what's the tale there?"

He went of their solution to tell me that she had a huge crush on him the year before but he had beenn't ever before that interested in her because he believed she was some excess fat.

But the woman that i recently saw him speaking with was not excess fat.

She appeared how might desire a woman to check.

And I also'll remember exactly what the guy thought to me personally next,

"i do believe I could have made a blunder perhaps not pursuing this lady."

And in the future he chased the lady.

Chances are you'll encounter an identical occurrence.

Another image…

A Fresh look…

A light him or her date never observed you in may cause him to start out chasing you a bit more.

Precisely Why?

Because in his mind's eye he could be going to be panicking.

He'll be considering,

"Sh*t I made an enormous error allowing this lady get."

Various Other Men Will Begin Providing Most Interest

I can not inform you how often i would suggest to females to post a great picture similar to this merely to get a response along these lines,

I did that which you mentioned Chris and I also was not quite prepared for how many men would actually like my image or opinion regarding how hot Im.

Now, demonstrably and this is what need as you do desire to generate some jealousy within your ex.

Within our own separate studies we found that envy worked extremely well whenever it concerned obtaining an ex straight back.

HOWEVER, itis important to see that women just who utilized jealousy in an exceedingly subtle way (like posting a new image and obtaining a lot of interest from men) met with the the majority of success.

{And tha
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